Marketing Expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most measurable and cost effective methods for marketing. Search engine marketing consultants are currently in high demand.

People are starting to realise the long term benefits of Search Engine Marketing when compared to the long term costs of Pay Per Click. When you are paying roughly $10 PER CLICK with PPC, with a conversion to enquiry rate of roughly 1% (hypothetical example), then you are paying roughly $1000 for each enquiry for your business. Once that money is spent with Pay Per Click, there are few long term or lasting benefits, unless they convert.

Furthermore, the price for the click could increase over time as more competitors enter the market. You have no guarantees that you will be learning how to do PPC and then not be able to afford to continue with it when you find the bids increasing over time. With PPC alone, you are risking your business entirely in Google’s hands. PPC does not increase your organic search ranking, and does not help you in the organic results. PPC is not an investment, it is a direct cost. As competitors discover your PPC keywords, so your costs will rise and any advantages are short term gains until there is a level playing field again but with a higher cost.

However, with SEO you get both short and long term benefits compared to PPC. SEO could be seen as an investment, not a cost. You are investing in results that will last and not just a quick “one hit wonder”. SEO could attract new visitors to your web site every single day. If you were paying the same PPC rate of $10 per visitor, as above, then you can see that search engine marketing could save you money every day!